Services Our services are mainly patient centric. Patients can create, store and manage their personal medical records.


We concentrate on patients

Our services are mainly patient-centric. In other words, our main goal is to serve our patients and satisfy all their needs so that they can make the intelligent decision to manage their own health records with us. Patients can create, store and manage their own personal medical records easily on this site free of charge. Moreover, they will be able to access and share these records from anywhere, at any time, even when they travel abroad or have an emergency situation on the road. They will also be able to download those medical records to external devices (like USB) if they want to carry them with them. (NOTE: Patients must be responsible for their medical records and make sure that those records are always safe and under their control.)

This site allows patients to organize all health-related information (e.g., Personal, Insurance, Medical, etc.) and other records (e.g. X-rays, prescriptions, bills, etc.) in one secure place. It also allows them to share their medical records with medical professionals (e.g., physicians/doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists) easily to receive the right service from those professionals. Moreover, this site will help to organize medical records for family members too, so that those records can be shared easily when needed. So, don’t wait. Register today to this secure and HIPAA-compliant cloud-based system to organize all your health records in one centralized place.