About Us HealthcareSolutions4U is a product of Software Goldsmith Inc. (SGI).

About Us

Welcome to HealthCareSolutions4U

HealthcareSolutions4U is a product of Software Goldsmith Inc. (SGI). This site has been developed with a commitment to design and deliver a robust, flexible and fully integrated health care information solution for you, where you can organize all your healthcare information in one place and you as a patient can share this information easily with your medical professionals when needed. Moreover, doctors and all medical professionals can use this system to run their practices virtually or in-clinic. This is a unique platform that helps all participants in healthcare industry. It is a cloud-based enterprise application that serves as a Healthcare Information Communication Highway (HICH), where all stakeholders like patients, doctors/physicians, nurses, pharmacists and even insurance companies can join together to provide the right services and solutions for everybody. This is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) enterprise application platform and it is available from anywhere at any timeRead More

Our goal is to allow all patients to take charge of their own medical records and avoid potential misdiagnoses due to lack of medical records that may cause death or long-term disability. To achieve that goal, this application offers a unique platform to our global citizens where they can store, manage and share their own medical records with medical professionals. This platform encourages people to take charge of their own destiny without waiting for Government and big healthcare providers to come up with a grand plan for building a huge infrastructure that may fit everybody.Read More

Our mission mission is to make this portal available to our Global Citizens and make it an Ultimate Medical Record Keeping System so that people around the world can use this system to store, manage and share their medical records to save lives without waiting for government or major medical service providers to come for rescue and without compromising security. We strongly believe that if we can offer people a HIPAA-Compliant secure platform like this, people from around the world will take charge of their own health records so that they don't have to wait for the government to help, and eventually, it might be the go-to-place for all of our health records.

Moreover, it's a huge task for the government to accommodate everybody's needs, and it might take longer than we need. So, we are taking a bottom-up approach and trying to build a unified health record management system by giving one patient at a time access to this system. We would like to raise the awareness from the "Grass Roots" (i.e., our citizens/patients) by helping them to start taking charge of their own medical records today, and not waiting for the government or big healthcare providers to come to our rescue at their own pace. It's a divide-and-conquer rule where everybody wins by doing their part, including patients,, big healthcare providers, medical professionals and taxpayers too. Our Vision is to work in harmony with local governments, healthcare industries, healthcare service providers and medical professionals like doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists, etc., We would like to work like a "Doctors Without Borders" so that our Global Citizens can share their medical records with professionals during emergencies, natural calamities or catastrophic situations like earthquakes, tsunami, storms, etc. for better treatment.